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    My first IT experience was twenty years ago in The Youth Centre-Blagoevgrad. I attended computer courses, connected mainly with MS-DOS and programming in Pascal. One year later, in 1991, I bought my first PC – Intel 8088, 640k RAM, 20MB HDD.
    In 1997 I took a position as AutoCad operator in a company with many young people. This gave me the opportunity to grow fast in the company accumulating knowledge, skills, and career.
    Two years later, I’ve been promoted to head а department with more than 25 people. It was a great opportunity for my 24 years.
    In 2002 Ognyan Petkov and I founded our company M-ti Bulgaria. Our business is connected mostly with CAD/GIS technology, digital cadastre models and surveyor maps and different types of data processing.
    My personal responsibility in our company is developing different software to speed up data processing. I write mainly AutoLisp scripts aiming to make operators’ job easier. Along with that I developed a web application, which we use to organize positions and personel. The application was built using local Apache server, PHP and MySQL.

    PC Magazine and Telerik's programming contest season 2012-2013

    PC Magazine and Telerik’s programming contest season 2012-2013